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Developer components for Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero Delphi VCL

Developer components for Delphi VCL platform

Note: free components are royalty-free for commercial applications unless stated otherwise (see file "License.txt" attached to every download).


Delphi component default iconA single component. TCustomLabel descendant with the ability to smoothly glow-in and glow-out color change when user moves the mouse over the label (has "OnMouseEnter" and "OnMouseLeave" events). The glow animation is fully customizable in terms of duration of the transition, number of animation steps and label's color. Can also be set to only glow when some event like OnClick is attached to the control (great for distinguishing clickable labels among static ones).

Supported Delphi versions : D5 - DXE2

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Animate your bitmaps with this TImage descendant which you can attach a TImageList to and play a frame-based image animation. Read more...

Supported Delphi versions : D5 - DXE2

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Add mouse hovering events to your older Delphi. A collection of selected common controls with added "OnMouseEnter" and "OnMouseLeave" events. Source code is included - use it as an example how to add mouse events to any other TWinControl descentants of your choice. Read more...

Supported Delphi versions : D5 D6 D7

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CZIdle IconA single component for detection of various idle events. Read more...

Supported Delphi versions : D5 - DXE2

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WinTrayIcon iconA single component for enhancing your applications with a Windows tray icon. Supports icon animations, balloon hints with custom icons, popup menus etc. Has common events like OnClick, OnDblClick and also OnBalloonClick. Read more...

Supported Delphi versions : D5 - DXE6

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All the free CZ components in one package.

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