Filedate changer

FDC 2FileDate changer is a tool for changing dates of files and directories.

Want to change a file's creation, last-write and/or last-access date? This is the tool you need, no questions asked why you need it ;)


  • Application is provided in two versions: with standard GUI and also as a console application
  • Change dates of file and directories - mass changes may be executed, including all subdirectories and all files in them.
  • Change options - a new date may be entered either as an absolute value (i.e. 11/1/2014,10:00) or relatively (i.e. -10 days).
  • Files and directories selection is provided by an Explorer-like browser and also by a list of recently accessed files.



Supported Windows versions : XP, 7, 8 

    Download CZ FileDate Changer for free


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